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Are There Any Gender Specific Housing Options in Newcastle?

Housing Options in Newcastle

The city of Newcastle offers an impressive array of student accommodation options, whether you’re looking for private flats or university halls of residence. It’s also one of the most affordable UK cities to live in, which makes it an excellent choice for students on a budget.

Newcastle student accommodation is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that is home to a number of top-ranked universities and internationally acclaimed learning institutions. Its diverse culture, thriving art scene, attractive entertainment, and outstanding shopping make it a great place to study.

Whether you want to learn about the fascinating history of the region at the iconic castle, explore the vibrant social scene at trendy bars and clubs, or take in an exciting theatre show, Newcastle has something for everyone. There’s even an 800-year-old cathedral, a range of museums and galleries, and a wide variety of parks and green spaces.

Are There Any Gender Specific Housing Options in Newcastle?

The city’s central location, surrounded by beautiful countryside and spectacular coastline, makes it the ideal destination for a short break or longer holiday. You can walk or cycle around the city and enjoy its fantastic restaurants, bars, and cafés. It’s also easy to travel to nearby towns and cities using the well-connected public transportation system.

If you’re a student who likes to stay active, you’ll love the huge selection of sports clubs and activities on offer in Newcastle. There’s everything from acrobatic gymnastics to orienteering, and you can try your hand at a number of different martial arts styles. The city is also a hub for music, with plenty of venues hosting renowned local bands and events.

The city has a huge selection of bars and clubs, many with a reputation for crazy student nights. There are also a number of more chilled out places that offer food, drinks, and live music. You can even get your game on in boutique bowling alleys or try your luck at the casino.

Being knowledgeable about safety and emergency procedures is crucial for your well-being while living in student accommodation. Familiarize yourself with the location of fire exits, evacuation routes, and emergency assembly points within your accommodation. Understand the protocol for reporting emergencies, such as fire, medical incidents, or security concerns. Stay updated on any safety regulations or guidelines provided by your accommodation provider or university. Additionally, familiarize yourself with campus security services and resources available to you. By staying informed about safety and emergency procedures, you can respond effectively in case of any unforeseen situations.

Gender inclusive housing refers to Newcastle student accommodation that are supportive of a student’s gender identity and sexual orientation. This type of housing can include designated mixed gender rooms, shared bathrooms, or separate suite or apartment configurations that are gender inclusive. Gender inclusive housing may be available at both on-campus and off-campus student residences.

There are a number of gender inclusive student apartments in Newcastle that are designed for both single and couples. Some of these are located close to the main campus, while others are in the city centre. There are a range of room sizes and amenities, including high-speed internet, CCTV security, laundry facilities, on-site gyms, and cinema rooms. Many of the apartments include all-inclusive bills, which can save you money on your monthly expenses.

When applying for student accommodation, you’ll need to provide your legal name as listed on your birth certificate and a preferred or gender neutral name. You can use a Change of Name Form to update your preferred name and gender on your student documents and bills.


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