Creative Internet Marketing Ideas

It may seem strange that creativity should play a role in any form of marketing. Marketing, after all, is simply about selling products or services to customers for money. How can such a realistic activity look creative? Creativity actually plays an important role in business, especially in the realm of internet marketing. The OED defines creativity as: “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness:” If you are familiar with how internet marketing works, the creative side of the business becomes very clear in light of that definition.

The three crucial words in the above definition are “imagination”, “original Y inventiveness “. I would say that all three are of great importance in creative internet marketing. The real mundane part of the business, buying and selling, may not contain much creativity, but the process that leads to the transaction certainly does. An online business also involves several of the creative arts, not just one. Let me draw your attention to some creative internet marketing ideas.

The visual arts play a role in many ways. Website design is a very important aspect of any online presence; is the showcase. A good website welcomes visitors and ideally keeps them busy for at least several minutes. Hopefully it will lead them to look at the products and services on offer and incentivize them to make that important purchase or participate.

Rebranding of licensed products also requires creative artwork. With a rebranding strategy, a marketer can present an existing product in a single version, just as supermarkets have their own brands. These are just existing products with the retailer’s own label and packaging. Internet marketers endorse a product with a whole new look.

Writing a good and effective sales letter is an art form in its own right. Probably more has been written on this topic than on any other aspect of internet marketing. This is creative writing of a very specialized kind. A good sales letter will excite readers, inform readers, attract, and even entertain readers. If you can keep the reader engaged in your copywriting until the end of your letter without being distracted, you have a good chance of making a sale. This requires imagination and technique.

There are many occasions in running an online business where copywriting becomes important. Redaction is a term that the dictionary describes as “the text of advertisements or advertising material”. Therefore, in addition to sales letters and website content, we must be equally creative in writing emails, newsletters, promotional items, e-books, reports, etc.

There is a more specialized creativity involved with making video presentations for websites and other promotional material. These videos have become more and more prevalent in recent years. Producing them requires another set of creative skills, although some of the software now available allows the technicalities to be easily covered in the spare room of the house. So there are a number of creative internet marketing ideas and skills that can greatly improve any business.

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