Dancing with the stars, show 4 results – all bets are off

It’s outrageous that the most improved dancer, Monique Coleman, ended up in the bottom two along with Vivica A. Fox, who was kicked out of the show last night. At this rate, it would come as no surprise if Sara Evans and Jerry Springer, whom we were all hoping to win the boot, would advance to the final.

With the portion of the scores in the hands of the voters, there is no way to predict who will stay and who will go each week. It doesn’t seem to matter if a contestant has performed well or not. As long as their fan base supports them, even the worst dancers can carry on.

While the unpredictability of the results can bring a strong element of suspense to the show, it can also cause growing frustration among viewers who believe in a fair competition based on the merit of each dancer.

But perhaps this is exactly what the producers were looking for. Why else would they include in the show a couple of hot young guys with previous dance training, a couple of relatively unknown but pretty blonde girls with some potential, a country music star with little talent but a strong base of fans and a geriatric TV icon who can barely put one foot in front of the other?

In this way, it is not about who can dance better and work harder, but what can happen when you put all these different people with different advantages and disadvantages in front of television viewers, who have no knowledge of dance from classroom and then have everyone pick their favorites, like picking their teammates on the elementary school playground!

Since the presenters don’t waste their breath reminding us of each episode, in this game no one is safe. Listen to them this one hour; they are not it’s a prank.

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