De Waterkant Gay Accommodation in South Africa

The De Waterkant area in Cape Town is known around the world as the gay capital of South Africa. Over the years, this area has undergone quite a few changes. From nightclubs and restaurants that open and close to fashion designer stores that spring up to serve the growing gay community. There have been rapid changes to attend the 2010 World Cup in Cape Town.

Across De Waterkant there have been great improvements in accommodation facilities. De Waterkant’s accommodation venues offer their gay vacation travelers a wide variety of places to stay, from vacation homes to hotels and from guesthouses to luxury villas. These De Waterkant accommodation locations have been rated 3-5 stars by the South African Tourism Classification Council, based on the services and facilities on offer.

De Waterkant has numerous restaurants and nightclubs for the gay vacation traveler. The restaurants cater for all tastes, from Thai cuisine to Mexican dishes. The nightclubs and nightspots in De Waterkant are for gay people who love to dance and mingle with other gay friendly people. Some of the new developments in the area have been the closing and reopening of the Bronx nightclub and the construction of luxury apartments and luxury nightspots to match some of the other gay capitals of the world.

For more information on De Waterkant accommodation and what is happening in the area, please visit us so we can assist you with any of your inquiries regarding the De Waterkant area.

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