Decorate with Country French Paint Colors

Country French paint colors combine elegant touches with a comfortable lifestyle. This decorative aesthetic is the perfect bridge between the old and the new world. It focuses on vibrant colors that have a worn look. This will work in any room in your house. Choosing the right shades allows you to do a typical kitchen remodel for just the cost of a few buckets of paint. You can bring drum walls or old cabinets to life.

The colors of the French country are typically yellow and blue. This provides a vivid feel of clean bedding straight from the clothesline and cobalt blue ceramics. You can give this classic color scheme a more modern feel simply by changing the shades of blue and yellow that you use. Look for a slate blue that has a lot of gray in it. This can work on different pieces of furniture or is even neutral enough for cabinets. Then combine it with a worn mustard yellow color. You may even want to apply a brown glaze on top so it has more of a plaster wall effect. This is one way to add character to an apartment or condo. Changing finishes is essential if you live in a row house or suburb. This allows you to create your own style even if your house looks the same as everyone else’s.

A French country interior brings in different textures from nature. You may want to try an inexpensive butcher block countertop or add wood beams to the ceiling. Look for a weathered kitchen table to complete the look. You can also pull colors out of the stone for a more neutral room that is still interesting. Accessorize with dried herbs hanging from the ceiling and add metallic accents like bird cages that will tie in with drawer pulls and appliances.

The new French country design focuses on the use of neutral colors. This is especially important if you don’t relish the idea of ​​having a themed room. You can create a sleek and subtle look that still conveys your design ideas. You can start with ivory or taupe colored walls. Then you’ll want to layer different floral and toile fabrics that have a tone-on-tone effect or use chocolate brown or black accents. You can tie this in with your home decor accessories by simply hanging plates on the wall. You should also include a metallic color in your palette. This can be a gold chandelier or bronze lamps. The color of the metal should look weathered and aged, as if it has a patina. Iron and oil rubbed bronze will also work. A metallic color adds a subtle touch of sparkle to the room.

If you’re afraid that yellow will be too dominant in your room, go for a monochromatic color scheme. You can use pale shades of ivory and include anything up to a golden hue. This reduces the contrast in the room so that the focus is on color and texture. Hang opulent silk curtains on the wall and paint your furniture with a distressed finish.

Country French paint colors should make your house feel like home. Include natural elements for subtle color, and then make bolder choices on the walls. Paint is inexpensive and easy to change, so you can easily create an inexpensive theme room.

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