Feldene and yeast infection

Feldene and yeast infection often go hand in hand. Although it is a non-steroid based drug, it still has serious effects on the body. Many people experience Feldene and yeast infection, as well as other negative effects from using the drug.

Fungal infections arose when modern medicine began using steroids and antibiotics to cure diseases. Although this is a non-steroidal drug, it still has serious effects on the stomach and intestines. This can cause many infections as a result.

The Candida fungus lives in the intestines. When taking a medication that has negative effects on the intestines and kills the microorganisms that live in the intestines, the fungus can grow out of control. This is often the case with Feldene and yeast infections.

When Candida grows, it turns into infections in other parts of the body and gets worse. This medication is also known to eat away at the lining of the stomach and intestines, causing holes. It is also known to cause heart failure, as well as strokes and other serious medical problems.

The best solution is to pay close attention to your diet. This is the only way to control the Candida overgrowth and completely cure the yeast infection. Creams and medications will work temporarily, however they will not remove the overgrowth from your body. You need a solution that will bring the fungus back under complete control.

A diet with at least 60% high-fiber, low-starch vegetables is the best choice. Stay away from sugar, yeast products, and carbohydrates. You’ll also want to completely avoid alcohol of any kind. Also completely avoid dried or cured meats, as well as candied or dried fruits. This is the only real solution for Feldene and yeast infection unless you stop taking the medication completely.

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