He will look at you differently if you do this

Do you feel like you need to look a certain way to attract the right man for you or to get more attention from your current man?

You may believe that most men, especially the handsome and successful ones, only want women who look like runway models and don’t want to settle for a woman who is considered average looking.

And you are not so alone. Millions of women think that they do not conform to the beauty standards of their country.

As a woman who used to see her flaws in the mirror, I say that I listen to you and feel dear to you.

And I’m also here to give you the good news: it’s not true.

Here’s what’s true, though: if deep down you think you’re not pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough, you’ll often end up attracting people who would think the same of you.

You really don’t need to be so harsh and critical of your appearance anymore to have a man who loves your appearance.

This is what helped me and may also change things for you:

Celebrate what is unique about you

Although it’s okay to realize that another woman is very beautiful, comparing yourself to her is like expecting two flowers to look the same. A Lily and a Rose look so different, but they are both so beautiful in their own way. It is ridiculous to expect them to look the same to be considered beautiful.

Also, don’t forget that someone may find a rose much more desirable than a Lily, while another feels the opposite.

When you really accept this and begin to see things this way, you begin to exude self-love and acceptance of a highly confident woman.

And as a result, the right man who loves and appreciates your unique beauty will take notice.

I’m certainly not a size 2 and I don’t fit society’s standard of beauty, yet I often have high-end men who notice me; And I never get tired of hearing my fiancĂ© tell me how beautiful he thinks I am.

You’ve heard it often enough that confidence is key, and it’s very true. A woman who inside feels safe, talks, walks and behaves differently. There is something attractive about her, even if she does not have the perfect nose and her arms and thighs are not toned.

For men there is something so magnetic about a woman that she just doesn’t care what a man or anyone else thinks about her appearance. And it draws the attention of men like bees to honey.

So from now on, start celebrating and appreciating what is unique about you. Are your eyes? Your hair? Your nails? Focus on your favorite features, be grateful for them, and smile with the confidence that there is only one of you. And your man will love and adore every part of you, if you fully embrace your beautiful unique self.



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