How does a penis work?

You already know the basics. Do you need to pee? You point your penis in the right direction, relax something down there, and pee. Option two is you get sexually aroused, your penis gets hard, you use it. Well, what about the details? What makes you urinate? What makes it hard? What makes you ejaculate? And perhaps most importantly, can you do anything to improve these processes?

What makes a penis different? Most of the things in your body work through the muscles. Do you need to stretch your arm? The brain tells you which muscles to contract and which to relax so that you achieve the movement you want. This is different from the penis because the erection process of the penis depends very little on the muscles, if at all. There are some things that depend on the muscles, such as closing and opening the tube that allows urine and sperm to travel out of the body. This tube is called the urethra, and the muscle that controls whether something passes through the urethra is called the pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle. This muscle is the target of the first enhancement exercise. Of all the enhancement methods listed here, this one will have the fastest and most visible results. Strengthening this muscle will help control urination and will also allow you to control the timing of ejaculation; yes if your pc muscle is strong enough you can delay your orgasm until you have made sure your partner is satisfied. The exercises are called Kegels, after Dr. Arnold Kegel, who made them famous. You can most likely find a more descriptive version of these exercises by doing a quick search using your favorite search engine, however this will be descriptive enough for most.

How are Kegels done? The first thing is to discover the correct muscle, to do this the next time you are urinating simply try to stop the flow of urine. The muscle you just made is your pc muscle. The exercises are quite simple, and even private if necessary. First squeeze your PC muscle once a second for a repetition of around a hundred. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it will get easier as you keep doing them. You should be doing a hundred every day and the privacy factor allows you to do it in the most public places including the boring office meeting. Your ultimate goal should be to get to two hundred muscle squeezes per day. The next exercise is to squeeze and hold. Yes simple and private. Squeeze your pc muscle and hold for ten seconds; release for ten seconds and then do it again. You should be doing ten of these a day, with the ultimate goal of doing twenty a day. That is all. After a few weeks, you should start to notice new abilities, even if you don’t do anything else in this post.

How does the erection happen? The next area of ​​penile function to discuss is the erection and how it happens. The process is actually quite simple. Think of your penis as a balloon, the actual part of the “balloon” is called the corpus cavernosum, and this balloon has hundreds of inlet valves, or capillaries, and hundreds of outlet valves, called veins. In the flaccid penis state, the inlet valves are mostly closed by “gatekeepers”, scientifically called PDE-5, while the exhaust valves are mostly open. When your brain triggers an event that makes you sexually aroused, it signals these gatekeepers to open the capillaries and close the veins. In this process more blood enters the balloon than it can leave; and that’s how you get an erection. Problems arise when the gatekeepers don’t listen to the brain and are the cause of a major male health problem called erectile dysfunction. The only known way to make sure your capillaries and veins open and close like they’re supposed to is to add certain nutrients to enhance the function of their gatekeepers. Viagra or its likes are an option for most men, however the problems with these drugs are that they take away control of an erection, or at least take control in an unnatural way, require a prescription, and are more very expensive. We prefer natural methods that don’t lead to weird questions from your partner about why you are taking those medications. There are many natural remedies to enhance your guards and let your brain control them in ways you never dreamed possible. There are specific formulations like VigRx, or even better VigRx Plus, and while they are quite effective, some may also find them quite expensive. Perhaps the least expensive option is to order a packet of epimedium leaf extract. Epimedium is an herb, commonly called horny goat weed, that was first used by the Chinese, however its use has skyrocketed throughout the world and it is one of the most prescribed herbs for male enhancement. It works by “causing” the PDE-5 “guards” to open those capillaries, allowing more blood to enter its “balloon.” We were able to easily find a monthly supply of 500 mg daily dose of epimedium leaf extract for around ten dollars.

How does ejaculation happen? In closing, we will briefly cover ejaculations and how they occur. Ejaculations are perhaps the most complex of the functions of the penis; however, we will try to make it as simple as possible. Perhaps an easy way to view a cumshot is to think of a five-car train. He starts at the train yard, or testicles, testicles, etc., and loads each of his five carriages with just a little bit of sperm. The train travels through the tunnel, or vas deferens, to arrive at the train station, or prostate gland, where each of the carriages is filled to the brim with semen. It then works its way through the urethra, as long as the PC muscle isn’t blocking the way, with each carriage exiting the tip of the penis in just under a second. This part is perhaps the area where the least can be done to improve its function; however, a few things can be done to increase the size of the cars, as well as the speed at which this train moves. The most common reason for problems with the quality of your training, and the easiest to fix, is the amount of hydration in your body. Drinking a lot of fluids before the sexual encounter will definitely help in the size of your wagons. The other common reasons include how often you have sex, the last time you had sex, and the strength of your pc muscle. There are some methods that can give your train a bigger engine, however they are experimental and may not deliver on their promise; You can try products like Semenax, as well as many other imitations that are easily found using your favorite search engine.

Now that you know how your tool works, you can get out your sharpening stick and get the best possible results from your tool. The fact that you will be satisfied with the results is a given, what you will definitely notice is how much more real pleasure your partner will now receive. Fake orgasms are now a thing of the past.

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