How to get past the 3:33 rule and add longevity to your B2B direct marketing campaigns

Here is an excerpt from Pat Friesen writing for Target Marketing Magazine in November 2007

The 3:33 rule

Are you familiar with the three minute and 33 second (3:33) direct mail rule? It is important when you talk about “openness”.

The 3:33 rule suggests that you have three seconds or less to stand out in the mail and stay away from the trash, then 30 seconds to entice the reader enough to open up and make the “short stack” for later reading. After the first 33 seconds, if you really get the reader into your email, spend an additional three minutes or less reading it and deciding whether or not to reply.

B2B Direct Marketing and the Importance of the Mailing Pack – the first 3 seconds

Business-to-business direct marketing can be a huge waste of money unless you get it right, so get it right the first time. You need a promotional marketing piece that is of high quality that will attract attention and you need to send it in a package that can be easily seen in the mail pile on your customer’s desk.

Too many B2B direct marketing campaigns go straight into the bin, often before the envelope has even been opened, and therein lies the first problem: the envelopes. A plain, flat white envelope with a frankness or PPI is absolutely no mystery. Send your B2B direct mail in a white envelope and your campaign is well on its way to generating a high level of disregard. With that thought firmly in mind, you should seriously consider the type of conveyor to use.

The saying goes that you only get one chance to make a first impression and the first impression your customer has of your promotional mailing is the appearance of the mailing package. I suggest that your mail should have a degree of volume and should be seen as some kind of gift or “gift”. This way, the mail will be opened with eager anticipation instead of total indifference. The argument against this is that shipping costs will go up, but trust me, paying postage to send an item that goes straight to the bin makes a lot less sense.

B2B Direct Marketing and the Importance of Keeping the Customer’s Attention: The Next 30 Seconds

Once the mail package has done its first job of attracting the reader’s attention, it then has to entice the reader to open it. I think that the packaging has to be designed in such a way that it is not too difficult to open and that it carries the main promotional piece without too many problems. I say this because the promo piece itself will take care of the next few minutes, no problem! A B2B promotional email needs to capture your customer’s imagination and auto pop-ups are an obvious choice to achieve this. Emergent action carries with it the elements of surprise, fun, interaction, and curiosity. A rubber band-powered auto pop-up product, such as a pop-up cube or pop-up box, will easily pass the 30-second test, and will typically represent the next few minutes that your promotional message has been well and truly delivered. digest.

B2B direct marketing and the importance of extending the life of your marketing campaign

There are direct marketers out there who would be absolutely thrilled if their campaign met the requirements discussed so far, but why stop there? What is there to say that the promotional piece should stop working after having created such an impact? To accomplish this, you don’t need to do much more than add a few holes to the top surface of the popup cube or popup box. By doing this, you can turn your promotional mailing into a promotional pencil holder, a product that will sit on your customer’s desk for months on end. The pop-up will not only fulfill its original obligation by capturing your customer’s attention, it will then become a permanent promotion for your business right there on your customer’s desktop.

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