How to write the script of your ideal life

If your life were a movie, what genre would it be? A comedy? a tragedy? a melodrama? Do you want to see this movie? Would you recommend it to your friends? If the story of your life were turned into a book, where would you find it in the bookstore, with the romance novels? the success stories? Science fiction? Would you like to read this book? Well here’s a secret. Every moment of every day you are writing the script for the movie of your life. Every moment of every day you are composing your autobiography.

That’s how it is. You’re choosing everything about your life: the location, the cast of characters, the joy, the sadness, everything. You are the writer, the director and the star of the wonderful production called YOUR LIFE. Do you allow yourself to dream big or do you keep your circumstances safe and predictable? Do you dare to believe that you really can have everything you want or do you find yourself conforming, compromising, and dispensing with it? Do you want a bigger and better life? No problem. Write a bigger and better script. As your script changes, your life changes.

According to the Law of Attraction, you will attract what you want and what you focus on. As you describe the details of your life exactly the way you want it to be, you are literally writing the script for your life. It’s your life. You are an individual consciousness with your own unique perspective and the power to create your life according to your own particular preferences. So, go ahead and write a big, juicy script for yourself.

Write down your ideal state of health, for example: I move energetically throughout the day in a perfectly functioning body that looks exactly how I want it to look.

Write down your ideal relationships, such as: I attract like-minded people who feel good, live with joy, and seek growth. I continue to attract the most magnificent others into my life.

Write down your ideal financial situation, perhaps: I choose ever-flowing abundance, knowing that it is my birthright in this Universe of unlimited resources.

With scripting, you experience what you want as if it were happening NOW rather than sometime in the possible future. With scripting, you look and feel living according to a custom script for you. The more you feel it, the more real it becomes and the more powerfully you are attracting it. Scripting helps you gain clarity on what you really want, what keeps you focused (and thus attracting) what you want rather than what you don’t want. As you write with focus and clarity, you are harnessing the power of the Universe and attracting people, places, and events just the way you want them to be.

You are always projecting your expectations onto your future, so why not do it intentionally and according to your own script? Think of yourself as an award-winning author writing your masterpiece, a tome of your perfect life. As you write the script for your ideal life, you will realize that you really are the creator of your own life. And this understanding brings the joyous feelings of freedom and empowerment. It’s your life, make it great!

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