Ignite Your Inner Fire: Kundalini Yoga Basics for Beginners

Kundalini Yoga Basics for Beginners

Kundalini Yoga is a holistic discipline that incorporates movement, breathwork, meditation and mantra. Known as the “yoga of awareness,” it’s a powerful way to ignite the coiled serpent energy of spiritual consciousness within you. For beginners, this practice can be overwhelming, but it’s a great way to boost your fitness, improve your mental health and reduce stress.

While chanting and postures might seem foreign to beginners, the practice is extremely accessible for all levels of experience. Using a live video call, Kundalini yoga for beginners online enthusiasts can get the best quality of instruction without traveling to an in-person class. In addition, a Kundalini Yoga instructor can offer a personalized approach for each student to ensure they receive the most beneficial experience.

The most basic element of a kundalini yoga session is the opening chant, or “tuning in.” This a short chant that will help you prepare to start your workout and tune in to the energy of the class. Each class will also include a warm-up, a kriya (a sequence of postures that are paired with breathing techniques), and a relaxation or meditation. Beginners can expect to feel a little strange participating in a kundalini yoga class at first, but it’s important to be consistent and to show up with an open mind.

Ignite Your Inner Fire: Kundalini Yoga Basics for Beginners

After tuning in, your kundalini yoga instructor will guide you through various poses and movements that will work the body in ways that are both aerobic and anaerobic, to create a deep cellular sweat. This will strengthen and tone the body, and encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone for optimal results. You may also be asked to chant certain mantras during the class, which will aid in triggering particular energies, such as courage and perseverance.

In a Kundalini yoga session, you can also expect to be guided through hand positions, called mudras. These are specific gestures that activate the power of a mantra when recited. For example, a common mudra involves touching the tip of the index finger to the thumb, which invokes the energy of wisdom and truth.

Finally, you will likely be guided through a series of different breathing techniques that are essential to the Kundalini yoga practice. These are often referred to as pranayama, and include Long Deep Breathing and the Breath of Fire. The former is done by inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose, while the latter is a rapid breathing exercise that focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles and releasing heat from the body.

While chanting, kriyas and breathwork can be a bit intimidating for beginner students, a knowledgeable yoga instructor will be able to tailor a class for each individual student. In this way, a beginner can get the most benefit out of every session and experience the euphoric benefits that kundalini yoga can provide. If you are interested in starting your kundalini yoga journey, be sure to reach out to us for more information about our classes and instructors!

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