Immaculate Deception Written by Courtney J Webb

The title of this humorous book tells you that it is funny. Little do you know how funny! I am a religious person and I was wondering if the book would be too wild for someone who is religious but when you start reading this book you have to put your personal feelings aside or else don’t read it! I’m much better because I read all about some priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals, laid back women and clergymen, and a cast of many who have led a wilder type of life that contains much to have made those lives busy, entertaining, and in touch. with many other real “characters”.

Craig Connery had been in prison for something he didn’t feel guilty about. But he had served his sentence and on the day of his release, he started moving quickly down a road from the prison to get away from the reporters and from that joint as fast as he could. As he rested, he heard a car speeding down the highway swerve off the road into a field, crashing and spinning as he proceeded on his deadly path. Craig went to the car to see if he could help someone in the car and found a man alive, whispering words of “My brother” to Craig and then left this world. Craig began to think about how similar this man looked to himself and he thought that his life would be so much better if he changed his identification with this man. After all, the dead guy wouldn’t know anything about the switch. He then he changed the identity of him, changing the identification of him with the corpse. He continued walking and called the police from a phone booth so as not to be around when the emergency and judicial authorities arrived. When asked his name, he responded with his new name, Father James Kempster! You have to realize that Craig had led a very relaxed life of sex, drink, some criminal activities and didn’t have much feeling for the people he hurt during his life. He was now a priest and was used to using the worst possible language.

Father James found his way to where he lived, he found his family who he thought looked different but felt he looked a lot alike so they kept quiet most of the time. From here, Craig’s new identity as a priest sends him to Australia in a scheme where he was turned into a pawn by local Catholic church leaders to sell a house where the elderly lived, leaving them without a place to live. The adventures that Father James had on his way to Australia and in Australia will keep you laughing-not at him but with him as he learned his own way as a priest, how to prepare and present a service, and fool and confuse many that he places.

You will laugh non-stop at a fake priest as he performs the duties of a priest in his own way and has a lot of fun doing it. While traveling to Australia, a passenger on the plane had a seizure and was called to comfort the victim. Thinking he was performing a service to help her, he actually performed an exorcism, he learned from the movie of the same name, which luckily revived the woman and made him a hero. This is the kind of humor throughout the entire book. enjoy it. Thanks Courtney Webb for such a great read.

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