Law Librarian Cover Letter

A cover letter is a letter of introduction to the employer that persuades the employer to consider you further for a particular position. A law library provides necessary study and research material for law students and staff members. A law librarian has to perform a large number of tasks in the law library. She has to provide research and examination assistance to the entire law school. They even assist students and staff in various types of legal research. So, we can conclude from here that it is not an easy job to do. Only a highly qualified person can work as a law librarian.

Now, below is a sample law librarian cover letter for your help:

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Name of employer



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Dear Mr. / Mrs. Last Name,

With reference to the publication of your advertisement in The Daily Times newspaper for the lack of a Law Librarian, I hereby submit my application for employment for the desired position. I have all the necessary qualifications and skills to be an effective law librarian. My solid professional experience and skills make me a suitable choice for this position. Therefore, I would be very grateful if you consider me for this important position.

I am an experienced person in this field. I have a good amount of knowledge to provide the necessary support to staff and law students in various legal investigations. I have exceptional creativity, flexibility, and teamwork skills that are sorely needed in this field. I have completed a Master’s in Library Science. This really gives me an advantage over other candidates. It could really be of great benefit to your legal institution.

I have extensive knowledge in all kinds of legal terminologies and provide guidance to law students in choosing the right study material. So if you feel there is a mutual interest, please contact me at the numbers listed above. I really hope to meet you as soon as possible. I am attaching my resume along with this cover letter for your review.

Thank you for considering me for this important position.

To be honest,


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