Law of Attraction Article – Having a bad day? Learn to flip it NOW!

We’ve all had those kinds of days. You know the one where the alarm doesn’t go off, you stub your toe when you get out of bed, there’s no hot water, you run out of coffee and just to know It’s going to be a horrible day.

So now that your day has started like this, how much worse are you going to allow it to get? That’s how it is. I am asking you what you are you going to do about it?

Many people are irritated by the idea that they have some responsibility in this regard. I mean, after all, “everyone has a bad day every now and then.” Just do your best to get over it. How many times have you thought to yourself? I wish this day was over so I could start over tomorrow.

What a horrible waste of today that would be! You have the ability to turn it around right now!

Very often we fall into the mistaken belief that “destiny” has its own agenda in our lives and that sometimes we have no control over the way it goes. To learn how to create the big things you want in your life, you must begin to learn to control the little ones.

If you have a day that starts badly, your job is to say “OK, that’s enough! 3 bad things have already happened to me today; that’s enough bad things to last me a week. From here, only good things.” it’s coming my way! “

Then take note of all the little hints that your “luck” is really changing.

For example, in the past I had mornings where I fell asleep, looked outside and found that it was raining heavily and was not going to make the five-block walk to school and me and my son very enjoyable, my son reported that he forgot To complete an assignment due that day, he had no milk for my coffee or his breakfast, the dog complained at the thought of having to go out in the rain … whatever the inconvenience.

In the old days, I would have taken these things as a horrible “sign” that things would continue to be just as bad, if not worse, the rest of the day. For some reason, like so many other people, I thought that somehow “fate” had dictated this and there was nothing I could do about it except fight to get over it.

Then as I read more and learned more about the Law of Attraction, I realized how silly it was to believe that just because some bad things had happened in the morning than the rest of the day Dyed be like that too. I realized how “brainwashed” I had become subconsciously and never stopped to ask myself “Who says? Who says it has to be like this all day? Where did I get this silly idea and why do I let it be? repeat again? again? “

It was then that I started using the saying that I mentioned a few paragraphs above. “Enough is enough! I’m changing this now!”

The reason I’m dedicating an entire article to this is because I think it’s really important for people to realize if they have these unconscious beliefs themselves. Because sadly, people can play this “bad luck” for much longer than a day. I’ve heard people say “this is the worst week ever, the worst month, the worst year, I’ve even heard people say it’s the worst decade of their lifes!

Well what can you expect to happen if you get what belief in your head? Worst year or even decade?

Once you have that kind of belief in your mind, you can be sure that you will see and experience one bad thing after another. Worse than that, you will completely ignore anything good that happens and deliberately “focus” only on the negative things, just to show that you are in fact correct and that this is indeed the worst week, month or year possible. in your life. life!

Sometimes it is amazing how our minds only see where we are leading them. There may be 3 bad things and 4 good things happen, however, you will find yourself only focusing on the bad to prove your own point to yourself and everyone around you that you hear, that you were right all along. But that is a waste of such precious time that it can create wonderful experiences in your life.

Perhaps you do it out of unconscious sympathy for yourself and others. Maybe the whole “destination” thing was something you picked up on the road like me. It does not matter in which way these thoughts arose. All that matters is that it is time to regain control over your own destiny and decide to change it now!

So the next time you feel like your day is “cursed”, take notice and consciously decide to turn it around. You are in control here and decide to end it right now! You decide that a lot of good things are coming your way today to more than make up for the difficult start, and more importantly, you decide that you are going to notice each and every positive.

Before you know it, the positive will far outweigh the negative and you can turn the worst day of your life into the best.

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Happy creation!

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