Mighty Beanz Toys that are rare and collectible

The Mighty Benz toy collection has been extremely popular with children for the past few years since they were introduced. If you don’t know what they are, it’s best to describe them as little capsule-shaped toys that do crazy stunts and tricks while rolling them on the ground. They are about an inch long and have a small marble inside them that makes them act unstable and eccentric as they move along a hard, smooth surface. The really great thing about these beans is that they have action figure type characters, usually in the form of animals, superheroes, or television characters. Moose Enterprises of Australia makes this unusual toy, and they have released it in sets of twenty, with five character beans per set, and the kids really enjoy collecting them all. Young children between the ages of five and ten seem to enjoy trading them with their friends for missing beans to complete their particular set. One really cool aspect of this toy is that the company has decided to release collector’s edition sets and characters for kids to collect.

These special edition Mighty Beanz have started to become a rare and collectible type of toy. This adds great collectible value and appeal to these toys that children really enjoy. Several special edition beanz were released this year. You can find them sold with a guaranteed collector’s case or sold as part of a separate unit like the folding track. These special edition beanz include the Crash Test Dummy Bean, Computer bean, Skeleton Bean, and Genie Bean. The company has also re-released one of its original collectible toys that is quite popular called the Mighty Moose Bean. With this bean, the company launched 1000 in each country where they were sold, and in a unique color combination for each country. For example, in Canada the bean is read and in Australia it has a gold background.

Mighty Moose released many limited edition beanz in a thousand for each edition, and they don’t have the typical serial numbering. These include the Albino Bean, Space Invader Bean, Ghost Bean, and Nose Picker Bean, to name just a few. Some of these forage beans are quite difficult to find as they were released in very small numbers, usually less than five hundred, and include the secret agent bean, gadget bean, double agent bean, and scarecrow bean. The small production numbers have made these rare editions quite popular, and the prices on the secondary market are several times the original retail price. eBay is a popular means of finding the rare and collectible Mighty Beanz.

One special edition bean that is quite popular was the Christmas Mighty Beanz. These were sold in very small quantities as only two hundred and fifty were released. These rare beanz were never shipped to the outlets, instead the company only shipped them to some of its business partners. However, the eager collector can find them if he searches for them carefully enough. The Christmas set includes special characters such as Santa Claus Bean, Christmas Tree Bean, Elf Bean, Rudolf Bean, and Christmas Pudding Bean. Moose Enterprises is expected to continue to release rare and collectible Mighty Beans as the years go by.

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