Reasons to move your business to serviced offices

Being a business owner can be truly rewarding, whether you dream of running a multinational conglomerate or a strong but successful small business. However, finding a decent office can be a bit stressful, so why not consider serviced offices? These take care of facilities like utilities, cleaning, reception, and maintenance for you, leaving you free to focus on making your business as successful as possible rather than worrying about the look of the office.

A big advantage of serviced offices is that they can be set up very quickly, which is great if you’re in a rush to get your business off the ground. They usually come equipped with everything you need, often including furniture like desks and chairs if you need them, so all you have to worry about is moving your things. Having a serviced office also means that the IT infrastructure is already in place, eliminating the need for lengthy and costly processes.

The added benefit of flexible leases is another great reason to opt for a serviced office complex. Serviced offices tend to have much shorter leases available than regular offices, which can be an attractive option for businesses, especially those looking to relocate shortly after moving or those just starting out. This is in contrast to the 10-15 year leases you typically get elsewhere, which can leave you tied to the building for years.

Having an all-inclusive service is another reason to be tempted by the benefits of serviced offices. This is especially good as it means that if something goes wrong and work needs to be done, the office management team will sort it out. It simplifies your finances since instead of many payments to the utilities, you only pay for the office complex. The office management will take care of everything from electricity to water, internet, reception and cleaning so you don’t have to worry about them.

Serviced offices are also really profitable, since everything is included in the same price. Many people initially think that they will be more expensive due to everything that is included with them, but this is not true. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with having people to call to fix things if something goes wrong, you can also save money on your staff bill. Instead of having to hire someone to work at the front desk, the office management will take care of it.

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