Republic Of Tea Reviews – My Review Of Republic Teas

Tea republic of tea is a popular brand of tea. Unlike most major tea companies, which rely on advertising for brand recognition, Republic of Tea initially gained visibility primarily through books written by CEO Stuart Avery Gold. Republic’s teas are available at various stores, restaurants and cafes, including Panera bread, and are also available to purchase online. This article shares some of my personal thoughts on my favorite Republic of Tea offerings, and will point you in the direction of more reviews if you’re interested.

Reviews of Some Republic of Tea Teas:

  • mint orange ginger – This is without a doubt my favorite offering from the Republic of Tea. It is actually an herbal tea that combines ginger with orange mint, bergamot, and a few other herbs, such as lemon thyme, anise hyssop, anise seed, and the leaves of the blackberry plant. I found this tea to be unique, unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It has a lot of body and a rich flavor and aroma.
  • relax – No.14 – This is a wellness or medicinal tea intended to relieve stress and induce relaxation. It used to contain kava, but this herb has since been removed from the mix. The new mix is ​​not as powerful. Contains rooibos, which imparts a pleasant earthy quality.
  • Decaf Peach and Ginger – Honestly, I’m not a fan of decaf teas, but this one is an exception, perhaps largely because it’s characterized by the flavor rather than the base of the tea. This tea has a strongly fruity aroma that pairs well with ginger and the base tea. Although I generally avoid decaf teas, if I had to have one, this would be a good choice. By the way, at the time of this writing, this is Republic’s most popular tea on the interactive review website he runs.
  • Earl Grayer – This is my favorite among Republic of Tea’s caffeinated offerings. Although bergamot has a very strong aroma, it is balanced by a powerful and aromatic black tea base. I find Republic of Tea’s black teas a bit weak for my taste, but this one is a welcome exception – I would recommend it to anyone who likes powerful teas looking to buy from Republic of Tea.

Is Republic of Tea better in some areas than others?

Almost any company has areas of strengths and weaknesses, and Republic is no exception. I personally find their strength to be in some of their herbal blends, which is why I chose to feature two of those herbal blends in this article. I have been less impressed with their white and green teas, flavored or unflavored. However, in all of their offerings, I have found their prices to be consistently reasonable.

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