Retire in Nicaragua and experience a rich cultural heritage

One of the most compelling and enchanting benefits of buying real estate and retiring in Nicaragua is the opportunity to expose yourself and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage the country has to offer. The month of December in particular offers a compelling insight into this wonderfully rich cultural heritage.

‘La Purísima’ is celebrated mainly in December and is probably the most widespread celebration in the country. The festivities begin on November 28 when the image of the Virgin is taken out of the church so that it tours the different neighborhoods of the town.

From November 29 to December 13, the Virgin is transported to different neighborhoods on the shoulders or in the back of trucks. The procession is accompanied by songs, decorations, the omnipresent Nicaraguan marching band and abundant bombs (firecrackers). During this period, families decorate altars in their homes and neighborhoods decorate float parades in honor of various themes related to the Virgin Mary.

During the Purisma period, every morning a mass is celebrated in the church. These masses are the starting point for the day’s procession to a specific neighborhood. A rosary is read in the neighborhood in the early afternoon, after which chichi (a traditional drink made from corn) and sweets are distributed to the people. A few hours later the procession of the Virgin returns to the Church.

La Griteria is celebrated during La Purisma on December 7th. December 7 is the day before Virgin Mary Day. La Griteria means “the cry”. A loud, joyful and sometimes boisterous “cry” of the Virgin is heard throughout the town at all hours of the day.

“What causes so much joy?” it is sung by people who walk from house to house in their neighborhoods. People inside their houses shout “La Concepción de María” in response.

Although it originated in León, La Griteria spread to Masaya, Managua and Granada and eventually spread to all the towns and villages of Nicaragua.

If you are drawn to the sun and the beach, but also feel enriched by exploring new cultures, a retirement in Nicaragua might appeal to you. For more information on how to retire in Nicaragua, click on Nicaragua Real Estate.

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