Stan Meyer water car: great invention?

Stanley Meyer is the inventor of cars that run on water. A couple of years ago, he had a dune buggy and tried to modify it to run on water. His basic idea was that it is possible to divide water into hydrogen and oxygen with less energy than is created when they are burned. He said his invention could do what physicists say is impossible: turn water into hydrogen fuel. His invention should have been able to get across the entire country with just 20 gallons of water.

Meyer’s invention was based on a process we learned in high school science labs: electrolysis. With the help of electricity, the water molecules break down and divide into hydrogen and oxygen. To see if the process worked well, a match is lit and the gases must explode to show that the water molecule has separated into its components.

But Meyer said his invention did the same thing but using less energy than physicists believed was necessary. There are several videos showing that his invention is turning water into its components in just a few seconds.

Physicists believe that if you cannot get something for nothing, as stated in the Law of Conservation of Energy, which says that energy cannot be created or destroyed and they have not believed in Stanley’s method of separating hydrogen with less energy.

Unfortunately, Mayer died in 1998 when he was eating at a restaurant with his brother. Apparently he was poisoned by someone because he took a sip of its juice, grabbed his neck, ran off, fell to his knees and vomited violently. His last words were: “they poisoned me” and it seems that a lot of people wanted to steal his invention. Even though it’s gone, a lot of people will try to carry on with their work and someday water-powered cars will enter the production stage and everyone will be able to own one in the future.

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