The Health Benefits of Using Nutmeg for Your Newborn

The first six months are the most crucial period in the life of a newborn. Parents provide great care and attention without leaving any hindrance to ensure the well-being of their baby. In traditional Indian homes, simple remedies, which have been passed down from generation to generation, are used to promote good health in a newborn. One of them is the use of the popular nutmeg spice.

Nutmeg has many medicinal properties. In addition to flavoring food, it serves as a remedy for various ailments. One might wonder how nutmeg can benefit a newborn. This is the answer:

Nutmeg is an effective sedative, making it useful for treating abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, and constipation. During the first six months, most babies have trouble digesting breast milk, as their digestive system is still immature and their gastrointestinal system is learning to function. Many babies due to this reason experience abdominal pain, bloating and constipation. Nutmeg helps to relieve your pain and discomfort ensuring good health.

Nutmeg is very effective in treating indigestion. Relieves stomach aches and cramps, removing excess gas from the intestines. Most babies, even those who are breastfed, spit up from time to time. Spitting up commonly occurs when the baby does not burp well. But when a baby spits up excessively and frequently, it is mainly due to indigestion. The use of nutmeg helps a good digestion in a newborn.

Nutmeg also improves appetite. The use of nutmeg can improve the appetite of newborns by promoting weight gain and growth.

Nutmeg is an effective brain tonic. Helps to achieve relaxation and induces good sleep. Newborns sleep less and for short periods. Using nutmeg can help them sleep well, stay calm, and relaxed.

Method of administration and dosage:

Take a whole nutmeg and steam it along with the rice that you cook at home for at least fifteen minutes. In India we do not use raw nutmeg for babies, so steaming is essential. Use a grinding stone (a small one with a flat surface that is used for making pasta), make sure it is thoroughly washed with warm water, and pat dry with a napkin.

Add a few drops of milk (preferably breast milk) to the grinding stone and gradually rub all the nutmeg in a circular motion (4-5 times) until a smooth paste of about 1 ml is obtained. The paste should have a thin consistency similar to syrup.

This potion of nutmeg with milk should be given to the baby before going to bed. You can administer this for a few days or up to a month, as long as the child develops indigestion or has difficulty sleeping. 0.5 ml for all infants up to 6 months. However, the results may vary from baby to baby.

A tried and tested formula, this potion not only improves the health and appetite of newborns, but also strengthens immunity and promotes growth. When a newborn eats well and sleeps well, fathers are definitely happy and mothers especially are less stressed. So here is the secret behind a happy and healthy baby. Try it and share it. Happy parenting!

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