Why does zinc benefit your skin?

Your body needs adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Zinc is a fundamental mineral needed to keep parts of the body healthy and maintain physiological processes, including the skin. Zinc and your skin work together to heal wounds and repair damaged skin tissue. If you don’t have adequate amounts of zinc in your diet, it will take much longer for your skin to regenerate.

Minerals are an essential part of maintaining the overall health and development of the body so that it can grow and care for itself. Research shows that zinc and your skin can be effective for treating topical lesions and irritations, including acne, minor wounds, and skin sores. Zinc works with your body to aid in cell regeneration.

Zinc benefits for your skin


When you use zinc on your skin and include it in your diet, you can prevent and relieve the scarring and inflammation that occurs with acne. It can also help clear up acne because zinc reduces the natural oils that are produced in the skin. The mineral helps in healing damaged skin around acne that has developed. Research has been done that has shown acne results, in part due to a lack of the mineral zinc in the diet.

Speculation Terms

When a person suffers from dandruff or other fungal infections of the scalp, the use of special zinc-containing shampoos has been shown to relieve irritation. It can also be used to prevent the development of scalp conditions.

diaper rash

Babies often suffer from diaper rash and skin rashes under the diaper. Using ointments that contain zinc can help babies feel less irritated and heal the affected area. These ointments should also be used on the skin under the diaper to prevent diaper rash from developing.

UV protection

Zinc is used to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. You may not even realize you’re using Zinc to prevent skin damage when you’re wearing your favorite sunscreen. Most sunscreens contain zinc oxide. Additionally, researchers have begun to investigate the anti-cancer benefits by seeing if zinc prevents cancer recurrence in cancer patients.

Additionally, studies have shown that zinc helps in the treatment and prevention of conditions such as burns, eczema, boils, psoriasis, and ulcers.

With all the benefits of zinc and your skin, why wouldn’t you use zinc to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful?

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