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15 things children want from their parents

15 things children want from their parents

Although it may seem like it, children are not too complicated. Very few things are asked of us in their early years; however, these requests are essential to help them grow into kind and respectful additions to society.

As parents, there are 15 main things that children will want from you as much as possible. If you can do your best to provide these things to the best of your ability, your child’s future will be brighter than ever.

Here are the top 15 things kids want from their parents:

1. Good night

Going to bed is much better when parents spend quality time with their children. Take time out of your day to tuck them in, sing them a song, or read them a bedtime story.

If you don’t have any books, you might consider making up a story yourself or telling them about your childhood. Children are very receptive to parents who also use their imaginations!

2. affection

The display of affection is one of the essential experiences that children have during their growth. Parents should always remember to give plenty of praise, cuddles, and love, even after a long day.

Even a friendly one-on-one conversation can go a long way for a child who wants to be heard. Share some time asking your child about his day and what he enjoyed most.

3. Private time

Having a good connection with your children means giving them your full and undivided attention as much as you can. Children will benefit from feeling that their time is valued, especially if it is planned and not rushed.

With more than one child, it is essential to give each one their time with you. It’s hard to connect when there’s a lot of hustle and bustle, so let them pick a place and an activity you can enjoy together.

4. Advocates of positive eating

Lots of kids are picky eaters, but that’s no reason to throw in the towel and serve pizza every night. Children need to learn that healthy foods can also be delicious and satisfying, and that starts at home in the kitchen.

Work on meals together, or even help them grow some vegetables in the garden. Kids need to learn early on that dessert isn’t the only delicious food, so they’re set up for long-term success.

5. Plans to wait

Show your children that you love spending time with them and offer them fun things that they crave with you. You can plan fun events on the weekend or surprise them with weekend activities if they’ve been good.

Showing your kids that you’re excited about quality time will make them feel good about themselves and their relationship with you.

6. Conversations before bed

Bedtime means winding down, but it’s also a great time to tap into beneficial conversations. Set aside time before bed to talk about your day, your friends, or whatever else comes to mind.

Let them lead the conversation; Children like to feel heard.

7. Time to play outside

Studies have shown how beneficial and vital outdoor play can be for children. Not just kids, either; People of all ages benefit from being outdoors!

Encourage children to stay away from screens and televisions and explore the outside world instead. Let them spend as much time outdoors as they like, whether it’s playing, walking, or socializing with the neighborhood kids.

8. Time to watch your favorite show

The only thing better than watching your favorite show is watching it with a loved one! Grab a blanket and curl up for a good cuddle while your child enjoys his favorite shows.

You can let this be a quiet time, or you can ask them questions to engage them.

9. Discipline when necessary

Children need guidance when it comes to learning about appropriate behaviors and responses. Showing discipline may not be a parent’s favorite thing to do, but it teaches a child that you care about them and want what’s best for them.

Even if they don’t show it, children find value in being disciplined.

10. Leave special messages

Surprises are always nice, even if it’s a little note or a ‘just because’ gift. Consider putting notes in your child’s lunch bag or backpack, especially if he’s having a rough day.

Having that little joy of happiness is always lovely when it’s unexpected.

11. Being silly

Sometimes kids look for approval to goof around, but the best way to give them permission is for parents to goof around themselves.

Playing dress-up with your children and acting out stories will help them come out of their shells and work on their imaginations. Children can be tremendously creative when they don’t feel like they have to hold back or act in a certain way.

Surprise them with costumes, crafts, or a pillow fight! The options are endless.

12. To be less stressed

Surprisingly, children are very observant and receptive. They often notice when their parents are stressed or upset, and it affects them too.

Many children want to see their parents happy and relaxed, which in turn makes them feel more positive as well. Regardless of what’s bothering you, try to keep things simple.

If you’re short on time, don’t feel bad about ordering dinner. If the house is messy, invite your kids to help you get things done faster. Don’t let anything take longer than it should; work together now, play together later.

13. Playdates

Adult time is fun, but it can also be beneficial for everyone to have playdates with other parents! The kids can socialize together or they can hang out with the adults and get comfortable with their friends.

14. Orientation

Children don’t have all the answers; in fact, adults rarely have them all! However, children will look to their parents for guidance in all kinds of situations.

They may seek you out when they meet a stranger, face a new experience, or are unsure how to express their feelings. If you have established a level of trust in your relationship, your child will feel safe enough for you to point him in the right direction.

15. Approval

Parents sometimes don’t realize it, but their children always seek their approval for all sorts of things. More than anything, they want to make their parents proud!

Be on the lookout for opportunities to stand up for them, even if it’s the smallest achievement. Doing so can increase your self-confidence and your willingness to try new things.

Essential things to keep in mind

Parenting is hard and covering all these things every day is not always possible. However, keep these 15 things kids want from their parents in mind and practice them as often as you can.

They will help you build a strong relationship with your children and encourage them to become successful young adults.


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