How To Grow Taller: 5 Amazing Techniques That Will Increase Your Height Quickly No Matter Your Age!

Actually growing taller is not that difficult; even if you have passed puberty, because you see that it has nothing to do with age. Your height depends on a hormone called “human growth hormone,” which is responsible for increasing height during puberty and afterward. This little-known HGH secret can be exploited by doing a few key things that will help increase its production and use in your body, to make it taller. Here’s how you can quickly increase your height …

Sleep without a pillow under your neck or sleep on a thinner pillow; You may have heard this before, but this is a proven tactic for growing taller. Although it is not the most comfortable for most; because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good pillow under the neck when they sleep, but you have to do this if you really want to grow taller.

Sleep with a pillow under your knees – You should always sleep at least 8 hours, when using these techniques, and this together with the first tip will allow you to get those few inches that you have been dreaming of. Always make sure that when you are sleeping, you are not sleeping in curled up or prone positions etc … because these positions constrict your skeletal shape and do not allow you to reverse the effects of gravity on your body.

Inversion and stretching techniques: This is something that some people take to the extreme, but when done for 30 minutes each day, it is reversed (hanging upside down from the feet or using exercises that focus on this) and stretches ( upper torso workouts such as chin-ups or just hanging from a bar) will allow you to undo the effects of gravity and decompress your body; which in turn will add a few inches to your height over time.

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