How to install a breakfast bar

In the modern world, a kitchen is incomplete without a slab or breakfast bar. These bars can easily be seen in luxury homes, and it is very obvious that we think of them and have one for our kitchen as well. Apart from their attractive appearance, they are extremely functional in modern kitchens. A breakfast bar is usually pretty basic and bland: at its core, it’s little more than a wooden board. Buying a breakfast slab for yourself can be a bit expensive. So it is better to build your own breakfast bar yourself and that too in a very less quantity.

To make your own breakfast bar, you first need to find a kitchen cabinet that has been pulled from a home. You can find these cabinets by hiring a home remodeler like a local contractor, looking in the newspaper (in the classifieds section), and at garage sales. The second thing you need is the countertop. They are readily available at local hardware stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot). You can even look for them at a garage sale or look in the classified section of the newspaper, etc. It is always better to use a cabinet that has drawers and shelves. They add functionality and additional storage space to a breakfast bar.

It is very important to decide where to place the breakfast bar. In case you are planning to put a breakfast bar on an island, you will need to choose a backing, such as drywall, that can be placed behind the cabinet. Whereas if you put the cabinet against a wall, it doesn’t need to have any back.

It is very important to purchase some brackets (L-shaped) at local hardware stores to allow you to attach countertops to cabinets and even the breakfast bar to the floor.

If you have a plan to add an electrical point to the bar, then you should prefer to have it at the bottom of the bar. In this way there will be less chance of electrical short circuits and the functionality of the bar is also increased. The last step to complete your breakfast bar is to buy some bar stools. You can easily get these at your local hardware store, wall mart, etc.

You may be wondering how much it will cost to build a breakfast bar. Here is an example to estimate the cost of a breakfast bar.

Cabinet – $45

Countertop – $50 (wood)

Bar stools – $30

Hardware – $15

Total Cost – $140

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