Influenza: Its Effects on Your Workplace

The Flu: Many of us do not realize the great impact it has on our daily lives. Every year in Australia alone 1.5 million work days are lost due to the flu. In fact, workplaces across the country are affected all the time because employees get sick with the flu; most likely you were one of them. Below you can learn more about how the flu affects the workplace and how flu shots can help.

The flu: a major cause of sick days –

Calling to work sick can have a huge impact on the entire office. Not only do you have a lot of work to make up when you return, but those who stay in your absence must ignore some of your duties to handle theirs. Ten to twelve percent of sick days are caused by the flu, so it is not surprising that employers are increasingly eager to provide their employees with the flu vaccine. If sick days could be cut by a decent percentage, workplaces across Australia would see a definite increase in productivity.

Work capacity suffers when the flu strikes –

Many people try to move on when they get the flu, and they go to work despite being sick. If the flu is mild enough, this may seem reasonable; however, it is likely still contagious and your ability to work is compromised. In turn, your productivity and overall capabilities are reduced by a considerable margin. In other words, not only will you pass the flu to your co-workers, but your production will be much lower than it normally would be. Still, getting to work sick is not a smart move. Given that a single sneeze travels at approximately 167 km / h, and travels about five meters every 1/10 of a second, it is easy to see why the flu spreads from one employee to another at such fast speeds.

Reduce Sick Leave, Absenteeism, and Diminished Work Skills with the Flu Vaccine –

Influenza vaccination events in the workplace are becoming increasingly popular; If your workplace hasn’t done one yet, it probably will soon. By encouraging employees to get the flu vaccine, employers can dramatically reduce the number of sick days they typically incur. In turn, co-workers will not be burdened by the work of sick employees as often and productivity will remain stable. Fewer employees will also report to work when they are down, which means more will be accomplished in a reasonable and efficient way. In general, flu shots are a great way to improve the workplace; If you haven’t received yours yet this year, make sure you get it soon.

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