Installation error 25002 solution: how to solve error 25002 on your PC

Error 25002 is a typical problem that appears when you try to install/uninstall Norton or Alcohol on your computer. This error mainly occurs when your PC does not have the proper permissions or drivers to perform the operations you are asking of it.

This error is mainly due to the way Windows is unable to process the necessary files and settings to run the system properly. The usual format of this error will be displayed as:

  • “Error 25002: Failed to load navinst.dll.”

The causes of this problem can be attributed to the way your computer cannot read the files or settings required for the install/uninstall to take place. Typical examples of this problem will be when your user account does not have the correct permissions to execute the file, or when you experience file corruption issues with your system “registry”.

How to fix error 25002

Fixing error 25002 is simple. The first step is to make sure you have the correct permissions on your system. Most software can only be installed and uninstalled by the user account that has the necessary rights to do so, for example, the administrator. If you are not logged in as an administrative user, log out and log back in with the correct user account that has permission to install on your system.

The next step is to check if your Navinst95.dll or Navinstnt.dll file is damaged or corrupted in any way. If so, you should fix any of the issues that are causing the errors by clicking “Start” and then selecting “Search”. After this you need to locate Navins95.dll and Navinst.dll and rename them to “navinst.dll”. The third step is to repair any corrupt and unreliable settings within your computer that are stored within the “registry” data house. These stored settings can establish how well your computer is able to successfully install a program on the hard drive. These registry errors can be resolved by clicking “Start” and then selecting “Run.” When a box appears, type “regedit” and then press OK. Now locate the following registry key when the Registry Editor window appears:


The next thing you need to do is double-click NtfsDisable8Dot3NameCreation in the right pane, and then change the data in the Value Data field from 1 to 0. Then exit RegEdit and restart your PC. After that, install the Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition client on your hard drive. When the installation process is complete, change the value of the NtfsDisable8Dot3NameCreation file to 1.

The final step in resolving 25002 errors is to use a registry cleaning device. The registry is one of the main reasons why error 25002 appears, as it is the central database that stores all the vital settings and options that Windows requires every time you use a program like Norton or Alcohol. It is responsible for storing your recent emails and files, including wallpapers and the like. If you want to completely fix the errors that appear on your computer, you need to clean the registry with a registry cleaner. There are quite a few programs available, but not all of them are equally effective. Therefore, only download one that has been recommended by professionals.

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