What is a liquidation brochure?

The Settlement Booklet, sometimes called a Lawsuit Video, is more accurately known as a Mediation Documentary as it focuses on liability and damages coverage and is presented during a mediation procedure or arbitration hearing. The finished piece lasts 10 to 30 minutes, never more, and is a concise summary of the case. This video is produced for the opposing attorney or insurance company to fully acknowledge the pain and suffering of a catastrophic injury or death resulting from negligence, malpractice, or product liability.

The Mediation Documentary never sees the inside of a courtroom: however, due to its vivid and highly graphic nature, it is an incredibly valuable and often essential part of a mediation process that leads to the favorable resolution of a case. . Mediation documentaries are defense videos and every effort is made to advance the liability and damages case. Video content is produced for maximum emotional impact. All the methods that can be employed are used to increase the dramatic tension and to deliver the emotional blow. Dramatic Lighting, Elegant Editing, Special Effects, Dramatic Background Scoring, Dramatic Voice Over, Professional Actors, Title Generation, Elegant Camera Work, Emotional Shots, Graphic Shots, Chroma Keying, Footage, Computer Generated Animation, Animation Treatments image, and the list goes to us – we are all deployed.

Mediation documentaries are full length, professionally produced videos with the plaintiff’s attorney in the director’s seat. This is precision video documentation, very slick and the effort to produce it on a defined timeline is highly sophisticated. As with any professional production, the shooting schedule is carefully planned, often cut out on the day out of the days, and the production is meticulously written for optimal efficiency, economy, and effectiveness.

A legal cameraman can enter fact-finding mode, working in consultation with attorneys and paralegals to gather the elements of the case and focus coverage holistically. A certified legal video production team can coordinate the scheduling of interviews, organizing all exhibits and the material that will lead the presentation.

A legal video production company can write a production script and storyboard for attorney approval, provide on-site coverage, move to post-production with the same attention to detail, providing professional editing, graphics enhancement professional, professional color correction, dramatic score. critically timed for cuts, computer generated animation, encoding, and authoring. The finished settlement brochure is a highly polished lawsuit video and a powerful case summary.

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