Caring Protect and Survive

I am currently nursing and caring for a 99 year old, while protecting myself from this dreadful virus. I have to say the combination makes it the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I have survived 3 marriages and their traumas. I have raised a family alone, without maintenance or support. He survived injuries and fractures and the ups and downs of life, but this is something else.

Being cooped up without mental space, support, or relaxation is endless and extremely difficult. Especially since we are now told that it will continue for a longer time.

My date is an energetic woman who believes the world revolves around her, her wants and requirements, almost always to the exclusion of everything else. Her hair, which is usually kept beautiful with the help of her hairdresser, is her biggest problem, and mine, for that matter! The house is constantly filled with fumes from her hairspray, which is not helpful for my lung disease.

Sadly his feet are also sore like the chiropodist she is unable to visit at the moment, which is difficult for her along with poor eyesight, poor balance, and extreme deafness. She refuses to even consider a hearing aid, which leaves me hoarse at the end of the day trying to communicate, since mostly failure what I have said

While I want the best for her and give her the happiest ending to her life; since she was desperate not to go to a home like many elderly people are. The necessary commitment is enormous; It’s not as easy as you think. She has become much more difficult than she seemed a year ago when she was on her floor, at the same time defiant and vulnerable, probably from feeling her lack of control within her life and situations.

I must say that for his age he is extremely healthy and has a good appetite, but of course he has his specific menus that he likes, definitely good simple food, and as for me, I think I can buy locally, if the products have the manufacturer’s label incorrect. is a constant cause of far!

So folks, whatever your good intentions may be, before you think you’ll do the right thing for your elderly relative, something you’d love to do to help them and give them the love and support they need at the end of their lives, consider whether you have enough stamina. . Think about it because it is much more difficult than you think. You are on call 24/7, even at night, and if they fall, you need the physical strength to pick them up or watch them on the ground until help or an ambulance arrives.

Very well done to all those careers out there, I’m thinking of you!

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